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OOL Process Follows the DMAIC Method

Your investment in executive search should acquire an efficient, quality search process that will ultimately identify and place a candidate that will fit the role and your culture. We follow a disciplined methodology similar to the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) method.



The most important step begins with the “voice of the customer” input and insights on the role, culture, metrics, competencies and expectations around the search assignment:

  • The position is defined and the major stakeholders are interviewed to gain important insights and information
  • Schedules, deliverables and protocol are defined



We bring the project “in-house” to refine, benchmark and formalize the information received from the client:

  • Benchmark/Target analysis identification
  • Review and refine job specification
    • Competency profile established
    • Screening questions designed
    • Client employment brand employed
  • Identify resources
    • Industry/functional associations
    • OOL Database
    • Directories
    • Industry/functional experts and coaches
    • Client collateral material
  • Internal resources assessed and implemented



We activate the search and begin the interaction with the candidate pool and resources:

  • Communication tactics evaluated
    • Phone, emails, letters, etc.
    • Resources leveraged
      • Associations
      • Industry experts and coaches
      • Universities
  • Candidate pool continuously assessed and qualified against defined competencies and functional specifications
  • Identify obstacles/challenges/Issues facing candidate recruitment (Relocation/Spousal, Compensation, etc.)



We assess and analyze feedback and information as we interact with the networked community to refine the search:

  • Assess resources and tactics to focus on most effective
  • Refine message to the networked community as needed
  • Advise client on issues impacting the search process
  • Refine candidate pool to the best



Introduce the final candidate pool to the client for interview and selection.

  • Client action
    • Interviews scheduled
    • Debriefs
    • Final candidate selection
    • Offer and compensation package assembled
    • Onboarding strategy determined
  • Candidate action
    • Relocation defined
    • Offer finalized
    • Start date defined determined
  • Search firm action
    • Negotiation support
    • References/audits/background checks
    • Relocation acclimation support
    • Spousal assistance
    • Follow up strategy and schedule defined and implemented
    • Contract finalized