If we retain you, who really conducts the search?

We believe that we deliver quality service on many levels but it begins with accountability. At OOL, whoever sells the search to you will conduct the search. We have found that direct accountability nets results in the form of a deep and talented candidate pool.

What are the advantages to hiring a retained search firm?

By retaining a search firm you can expect a comprehensive, focused recruiting strategy, which targets the best-in-class, passive candidates in the desired markets. Our retained search process, VelocitySM is dedicated to successfully carrying the recruitment effort from strategy development to offer acceptance. This assures you the best talent in the most efficient manner.

In what industries has OOL conducted search?

We are a “generalist’ firm and have conducted the majority of our engagements within:

Financial Services

At what compensation level does OOL recruit?

We work on engagements for leadership talent, typically in the $150,000+ a year base salary plus variable  range.

How long does the search process last?

Our VelocitySM metric is structured to complete a search project within 105 days. (Generally, we will provide our client a candidate pool in approximately 45 days of Project Origination.)

How do professionals confidentially connect with OOL?

We are sensitive to the confidential nature of our candidate’s inquiries and take all necessary precautions to assure discreet communication.

Where has OOL placed candidates?

Our clients are concentrated in the Great Lakes, Mid-Atlantic and South Atlantic regions.  Our search for quality candidates is without boundary.

Please check out our “Placed Candidate Map”.

How does OOL measure success?

The metrics we use include: successfully completed searches, placed candidate retention, and velocity.

How do I, the client corporation, know that OOL is diligently working on my project?

At the beginning of your search, your engagement manager will sit with you to review the entire search strategy including timelines for each stage of the search so that you will have mileposts to measure progress.

Does OOL work internationally?

We recruit candidates on a global basis.

What is the difference between retained and contingency?

In contingency search there is neither a financial commitment in the form of a retainer by the corporate client to the contingency firm nor an obligation on the part of the contingency firm to the fill the position.

In a retained search arrangement, both the client corporation and search firm are committed to each other to bring the search to a successful conclusion.

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