Executive Search

Executive Search

The team at O’Connor O’Connor Lordi is very proud of its 30+ year history of providing executive search services to a myriad of customers.  Our standards and values remain as the foundation of our success. We are judged on our character and unwavering commitment to excellence.

O’Connor O’Connor Lordi prospers because we live and breathe our core values:

  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Precision

Integrity drives the process of Engagement. We maintain transparent and reliable communication about our search process and about the pool of candidates we provide. Every search is unique; we promise to inform you of all the information we are privileged to as well as any observations, intuition, or experience we have with the candidates that will help guide your interviewing and final selection process.

We promise our candidates that we will be forthright about where individual talents are most needed and would be best developed.

Accountability guarantees Engagement. At O’Connor O’Connor Lordi the person who sells the search is the person who conducts the search. Each Engagement Manager is responsible for their client’s satisfaction as well as for the well-being of each candidate and is thus actively engaged in the entire recruiting process.

Precision research and focused attention for each client ensures “the right fit”. We feel that unless we fully understand a company’s internal culture, their industry, and the specific niche a candidate must fill, the best solution may not be evident. Therefore, we combine innovative research with previous market experience to ensure the highest quality and most precise results.

“We search for Quality that speaks for itself.”

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