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Executive Search FirmsRecruiting Process of Executive Search Firms

In 1983, Tom O’Connor had a vision for a company that would redefine the recruiting process of executive search firms.

After working several years at a technical engineering contingency search firm, Tom had an entrepreneurial moment; he realized that he had more to offer clients than his current position permitted. He had the ideas, motivation, vision, and passion necessary to start his own retained executive search firm. A fellow colleague, Rick Brown, saw potential in this vision and joined Tom in solidarity and collaboration.

The early years were difficult. Each of the four employees, including Tom and Rick, endured sacrifice and risk in order to get their business off the ground. They willingly forfeited their paychecks in order to support the firm. They worked long hours in less-than-ideal conditions far from their families.

Then, they had a breakthrough.

Out of the ashes came the Phoenix. Their method of recruiting and placing executives, known as engagement, earned them loyal and diverse clients. By 1990, they had become a generalist search firm with a strong regional presence. Their purpose-driven and determined beginning made them and the firm almost indestructible. Difficult economic times could not bring down the boutique firm committed to excellence, integrity, and the concept of engagement. Because of their core values and willfulness in the face of adversity, Tom knew they had created something that would endure. Engagement would be the driving and defining force behind O’Connor O’Connor Lordi.

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