Executive Staffing Solutions

Premier Executive Search Firm

Established in 1983 and based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, O’Connor O’Connor Lordi (OOL), has built its practice over the past 28 years with a broad array of clients.  Many of our earliest clients continue to utilize the services offered by OOL to augment their leadership teams.

One contact throughout process
The OOL Engagement Manager has full accountability from inception to project closure.  This direct accountability nets results in the form of a deep and talented candidate pool for each engagement.

For Your Executive Staffing Solutions Needs Call 412-261-4020.

Benchmarking/original research
OOL is not an off-shelf solutions provider.  We make every effort to understand our client’s unique needs and structure a recruiting strategy accordingly.  We maintain a database of contacts but use it as one aspect of a multi-channeled approach.  Employing contemporary methodologies coupled with 25+ years exposure to star leaders culminates in creating exceptional candidate solutions.

Limited number of searches/guaranteed results
Each Engagement Manager accepts a limited number of assignments.   This assures that our clients are getting the attention they deserve.  We provide a one year guarantee on all placed candidates.  We help our clients solve their problems with velocity without sacrificing any quality steps.

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